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Archies partners with AFL superstar Dustin Martin

by Mick Mattingly 21 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Archies Footwear has recently partnered with AFL and Richmond Football Club superstar Dustin Martin. 

Martin is a long-time fan of Archies Footwear, having worn our Arch Support Thongs for a number of years prior to becoming an official ambassador.

Members of our Archies team first spotted Martin in a pair of our thongs on his social media during the early growth stages of the business.

This prompted the team to follow up with a mutual friend of Martin, who confirmed the Brownlow and three-time Norm Smith Medalist “wore them everywhere,” and loved the brand. 

With the knowledge that Dusty was a big fan of our thongs, we recently made the move to touch base with Martin, to see whether he would be interested in joining the team as an official brand ambassador. 

Not long after, Archies Footwear had a new teammate. 

“When Archies asked if I'd like to become a brand ambassador it was an easy decision. I'd already been wearing the thongs for years and loved them,” Martin said. 

“I wear them everywhere, they are so comfortable and as they have arch support they’re really good for my feet. They are honestly the most comfortable thongs I have ever worn in my life.”

Archies Footwear CEO, Daniel Jones, said Archies was thrilled to have Martin onboard. 

“Dusty is one of the biggest names in Australian sport at the moment, so we were absolutely stoked when we saw Dusty wearing his Archies Thongs in a number of his photos on his Instagram account. That eventually set the wheels in motion for us to approach him through a mutual friend to see if he was interested in partnering with us on an official basis,” he said.

“After hearing how much he loved his Archies and seeing how often he wears them, we knew Dusty was the perfect ambassador for our brand, so we are excited to be able to officially welcome him to the team.

“As an AFL Footballer, your feet are the tools of your trade, and we’re proud that Dusty chooses to look after his feet with Archies Thongs.” 

To purchase a pair of Archies Arch Support Thongs, click here.

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