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Intellectual Property Rights

The Archies Flip-Flops / Thongs design is a patented design.  

Archies® is a registered Trademark of Archies Footwear Pty Ltd.

All intellectual property is monitored by a Global IP Watch Service and our Intellectual Property Rights are rigorously enforced. 


Registered Designs 

Australia - AU Registered Designs 347331, 347332

Argentina - AR Registered Design 85271  

New Zealand - NZ Registered Design 417357

European Community - EU Registered Design 002196949-0001

China - CN Registered Design ZL201330055236.1

Mexico - MX Registered Design 41296

Canada - CA Registered Design 150125

India - IN Registered Design 252160

United States of America - USA Registered Design D722423

Brazil - BR Registered Design BR 302013000966-1

Multiple Design Registrations Pending

Australian Patent 2013101203


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