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Company Details & Intellectual Property

Company Name:Archies Footwear Company

ACN:164 576 854 

Registered Office Address:Archies Footwear, 486 High Street, Echuca, VIC, Australia 3564.

IMPORTANT! Please do NOT send returns to this address (they will NOT be received). For returns & other enquiries, please contact us through our contact us form on our website.


The Archies Thongs design is a Patented/Registered Design in a number of countries.

Archies® & are registered trademarks in a number of countries.

All IP is monitored by a Global IP Watch Service and our rights are rigorously enforced!

Australian:Registered Designs 347331, 347332

Argentinian: Registered Design 85271

New Zealand:Registered Design 417357

European Community:Registered Design 002196949-0001.

Chinese:Registered Design ZL 201330055236.1

Mexican:Registered Design 41298
Canadian:  Design Registration 150125 - - Daniel Bartholomew Jones  

Indian:Registered Design 252160

USA:Design Patent D722423

Brazilian: Registered Design BR 302013000966-1

Australian Patent: 2013101203 

Intellectual Property is owned by Arch Support Footwear IP Pty Ltd, 486 High Street, Echuca, VIC, 3564, Australia.  



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