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Returns and Warranty

What to do if you think something has gone wrong with your Archies Thongs.

We want you to be super happy with your Archies Thongs, so if something goes wrong with them or if you are not happy with some element of them, whether it be size, colour, fit or if you believe that your product is faulty, then please tell us and we will do our very best to make it right for you as quickly as possible!

Product Faults and Warranty

Please be aware, Archies Footwear does not issue credit or cash back on faulty products and incorrect sizes, we only offer exchanges. The warranty for your Archies Thongs applies to defects in materials and workmanship. If for some unfortunate reason your Archies Thongs are defective, then we happily offer a warranty of three (3) months from the date of receipt of product.

If you have purchased your thongs from a retailer, then please contact them to ask them if they are happy for you to make the exchange.

In the event that you believe the thongs you received are faulty, we can be contacted directly by submitting a request here.  

Some examples of circumstances that Archies Footwear’s warranty does not cover:

Archies Thongs are made for normal walking only, so unfortunately any breaks that occur due to activities other than this are not covered by our warranty.

It is important to note, that unfortunately, over time, the strap will eventually stretch and loose some of its original tightness, the same way clothing will stretch over time if you wear it a lot. The strap stretching over time is inevitable and is not a reason for product return. As previously stated, whilst the straps are very elastic, once stretched, the strap will not return to its original tightness. Participating in activities that put undue stress on the thong straps and activities other than walking, will void the warranty and are not a reason for product return.

Conversely, in the event that the thong strap is too tight, this is also not a reason for product return. The thong strap is very easily stretched to your desired level tightness. To learn how to stretch the thong strap to your desired level of tightness please click here.

Our three month warranty against defects or manufacturing faults DOES NOT cover thongs which have been damaged due to exposure from heat or sun. We believe we have done our best to warn of damage and degradation to the thongs that can occur to the thongs due to leaving them in the heat or uncovered in direct sunlight. So please, for all our sakes, when you are not wearing your Archies Thongs, keep them out of direct sunlight and high heat by ensuring that they are covered when swimming / sunbaking and never leave them uncovered in a hot car or by the back door step in open sun.

While we will happily replace your thongs that have been found to be faulty due to manufacturing, we at Archies Footwear know our thongs inside out and we reserve the right to reject returns that we reasonably believe to have been damaged through improper use.

In the case that improper use was found to be the cause of the fault, then unfortunately no exchange will be issued. If the product is deemed by our customer service team to be faulty then we will happily post you out a replacement thong / pair of thongs free of charge.

Returns / Exchange Policy

If you have purchased from a retailer:

If you have purchased your Archies Thongs from a retailer, then the decision as to whether or not to accept returns is solely at the discretion of the retailer. Providing the retailer is happy to do so (it may pay to call beforehand to discuss this with the retailer to check if they are happy to exchange), then please return these to the place of purchase and the exchange can be worked out in store.

If you have purchased your Archies Thongs online:

Archies Footwear does not issue refunds, but if for some reason you are not happy with some element of your Archies Thongs, E.g, If you are not happy with the colour, size or level of arch support, etc, then we will happily exchange your Archies Thongs within 30 days from date of purchase, provided they are in a resalable condition and the original receipt is presented.

If you wish to return your thongs due to incorrect size or colour then this is fine, however, the cost of return postage and cost of postage of the new pair will be at the expense of the customer.

If the reason for you seeking an exchange was due to a mistake by Archies Footwear, such as Archies Footwear sending the incorrect size, or colour and so on, then of course we will happily pay the full expenses of all of the postage.

We want you to have the best possible experience with your Archies Thongs, so if you feel that the arch profile that you received was not well suited to your foot, then, then we will happily replace this pair providing they are in a resalable condition and the original receipt is presented. The cost of the return postage will be at the expense of the customer, however, once the return pair is received by Archies Footwear, we will happily post you out a replacement pair in the other Arch Profile free of charge.

If you think you would like to exchange your product, so we can get the ball rolling as quickly as possible and work out what the best way to proceed, please contact us by submitting a request here.

What to do if you have been sent a size that you think does not fit you correctly

In the event that you think that you have received a thong that is not the correct length then you should do the following:

  1. The first step is to work out if the fit is actually incorrect. Archies are a reasonably narrow and snug fitting thong and many people actually think that the size is too small or narrow when the fit is in fact correct. Please read the fitting instructions guide by clicking here.
  2. If you are still unsure if the fit is ok after reading the fitting instructions guide and you would like our professional fitting advice, then please submit a request here.

Please be sure to include:

  1. Birds eye view.
  2. Side on view from the outside of the leg.
  3. Side on view from the inside of the leg.

A member of our friendly Archies Footwear customer service team will then get in contact with you to give you their professional opinion regarding the fit for you.

If my thong does not fit me correctly, then who pays for the return postage?

This all depends on who has made the mistake! We feel that some responsibility in this case needs to be taken by both parties. That’s why it is important to pay particular attention to the instructions on how to best measure your foot or your existing thong. If this is done correctly, the risk of you having to deal with the hassle of exchanging the product will be very low.

When you provide us with a measurement of your foot length, Archies Footwear will send you a thong that is in the range of 0.6cm – 1.2cm bigger than the length that you quoted. For example, if your foot measures 30.0cm, we will try to send you a thong that measures 30.6 to 31.2. In the event that the size is in fact incorrect and we have not provided you with a thong that falls within this range, then we will happily pay for the return postage of the thongs as well as the postage for the replacement pair.

However, if the fit of the thongs is not correct and the mistake is due to a customer providing an incorrect measurement, then the cost of return postage will be at the expense of the customer. Archies Footwear will however happily pay the return postage cost for the replacement pair once the incorrect sized pair has been returned.

In the event that the size is incorrect and the mistake is due to a customer only providing their normal size / (not providing a measurement of their foot) and the length of the thong that we send you thong falls within our spec (+ 4mm or - 4mm from the true correct length, please see size chart) then the cost of return postage will be at the expense of the customer as will the cost of the return postage of replacement pair. This is because we feel that we have gone to very reasonable lengths to let you know that the size varies from thong to thong and the only real way to get the best possible fit is to measure your feet (if a new customer) or your current thong (if an existing customer).

In the instance where you provide us with a measurement of both your foot length and your normal size, the measurement that you provide us with will take precedence in thong selection over your normal / previous size.

When you provide us with a measurement of your existing Archies Thongs, we will endeavor to find a thong that is the closest match as possible to your old thongs. While we will do our upmost best to find a thong that is exactly as per the measurement that you quoted, there will some instances when the exact correct length is not able to be found. Please allow for up to a 4mm variation in the length of your previous thong.

If you have any further questions after reading all of this then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team by submitting a request here.  


Size Conversion Chart

Archies Arch Support Thongs are a unisex thong, however the sizing of Archies Footwear follows US Men's sizing.

For women, your Archies Thong size will always be one size less than your normal ladies size. For example, if you are normally a size 8 US Womens, then the corresponding size in Archies Thongs would be a size 7 US.

The table below is only a size guide and if you are a NEW CUSTOMER, we strongly recommend that you provide us with a measurement of your foot length as this is the most accurate way to get your size correct. Why is it important to measure my foot length if I am new customer?  What is the best way to measure my foot length?

Even if you are an EXISTING CUSTOMER and you already know your Archies Thong size, we still strongly recommend that you measure the length of your current pair of thongs and provide this with your order. Why do I need to measure my thong if I have already know my Archies Thongs size?  What is the best way to measure my current thong length?

Archies Footwear Size Conversion Chart


Already have a pair of Archies thongs?  Click here to see what Arch type you have.   

Providing us with an accurate measurement of your foot length or the length of your existing thong with your order is an extremely accurate way to get you the perfect size pair of thongs and is far more accurate than just going off your normal shoe size as we can custom fit the thong to the length of your foot. As such, when we have your foot / existing thong measurements, we more or less disregard the size number you select e.g Size 8 and instead we use the measurements you provide to us to find you the perfect fitting thong e.g 26.3 cm.

The size number is more there to help provide us with additional information, keep control of our inventory and for those who are too busy (or lazy, haha) to measure. However, where both measurements and normal size are provided, the measurements will always take precedence over the Archies Size number when it comes to selecting your thong. So please take the time to measure accurately exactly as per our measuring instructions, as it will help us to get the best fitting thong possible for your foot.

It is important to understand that peoples feet do not fit perfectly to a size chart, therefore, using your foot / existing thong measurements is simply a much more precise way to get a fit that is specifically suited to your foot, rather than just using a size chart that does not account for quarter and half sizes etc.