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EXISTING CUSTOMERS - Why do I need to measure my Archies Thongs if I already know my size?

Even if you already know your Archies Thongs size, due to manufacturing variance, by far the best way to get the correct size is to provide us with an accurate measurement of the length of your current pair of Archies Thongs that fit you perfectly.

By providing us with an accurate measurement of your old Archies Thongs that fit you perfectly, our warehouse team will carefully find a thong that is an exact match to your old thongs, giving you the perfect fit every time you order online!

In the event that you do not provide us with an accurate measurement of your existing Archies Thongs and you only provide us with the size number of your last pair, then we will simply send you a thong that is as the ‘true / correct’ length in that size as per the Archies Thongs size chart.

However, please be warned, if you do not provide us with an accurate measurement of your last pair that fit you perfectly, there is a risk that your new pair will not be the same length as your last pair.

The best way to measure to your current Archies Thongs is to do the following:

  1. Use a ruler to measure on the underside / grip side of the thong, NOT the top of the thong.

  1. Lay the ruler along the length of thong using the marking points provided, ensuring that the ruler is firmly pressed against the thong and the thong is fully stretched out.

  1. Take the measurement from the furthest point of the thong that you can see (this point is on the top of the thong as the underside / grip side is slightly angled in). Please be as accurate as possible and measure to the nearest mm.

Size Conversion Chart

Archies Arch Support Thongs are a unisex thong, however the sizing of Archies Footwear follows US Men's sizing.

For women, your Archies Thong size will always be one size less than your normal ladies size. For example, if you are normally a size 8 US Womens, then the corresponding size in Archies Thongs would be a size 7 US.

The table below is only a size guide and if you are a NEW CUSTOMER, we strongly recommend that you provide us with a measurement of your foot length as this is the most accurate way to get your size correct. Why is it important to measure my foot length if I am new customer?  What is the best way to measure my foot length?

Even if you are an EXISTING CUSTOMER and you already know your Archies Thong size, we still strongly recommend that you measure the length of your current pair of thongs and provide this with your order. Why do I need to measure my thong if I have already know my Archies Thongs size?  What is the best way to measure my current thong length?

Archies Footwear Size Conversion Chart


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Providing us with an accurate measurement of your foot length or the length of your existing thong with your order is an extremely accurate way to get you the perfect size pair of thongs and is far more accurate than just going off your normal shoe size as we can custom fit the thong to the length of your foot. As such, when we have your foot / existing thong measurements, we more or less disregard the size number you select e.g Size 8 and instead we use the measurements you provide to us to find you the perfect fitting thong e.g 26.3 cm.

The size number is more there to help provide us with additional information, keep control of our inventory and for those who are too busy (or lazy, haha) to measure. However, where both measurements and normal size are provided, the measurements will always take precedence over the Archies Size number when it comes to selecting your thong. So please take the time to measure accurately exactly as per our measuring instructions, as it will help us to get the best fitting thong possible for your foot.

It is important to understand that peoples feet do not fit perfectly to a size chart, therefore, using your foot / existing thong measurements is simply a much more precise way to get a fit that is specifically suited to your foot, rather than just using a size chart that does not account for quarter and half sizes etc.