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Of all the travel destinations on earth, nothing matches the rich cultural and ecological uniqueness of luxury escapes in Bali. Rated the “Best Travel Destination in the World” by too many websites to count, this little island paradise offers visitors every form of escape imaginable.

The Best Luxury Escapes in Bali

Perhaps it’s the long, black beaches. Or the lush, ancient jungles. Or the unique cultural traditions, brightly colored and richly spiced, just like the food. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon or simply want to feel like a billionaire for a few days, Bali has got you covered. Our team has combed through over 30 of the most luxurious resorts in Bali, and now, we’re ready to present you with the Top 10. 

Rejuvenate at The Soori Spa / Soori Resort 

While there is no shortage of spas in Bali, we’ve decided to kick things off with the Soori Spa best known for its proprietary line of naturally-made body care products. Located within the Soori Bali Resort, the Soori Spa relies on its signature products and relaxing atmosphere to give you one of the most refreshing, hydrating, and rejuvenating spa experiences you’ve ever had. 

The location of the Soori Bali resort is a big selling point. Located between a volcanic beach and an expansive stretch of rice fields, the Soori Spa offers vistas that are unique to Bali.

The Soori Resort offers reasonably priced lodging as well as spa treatments considering its luxurious feel.

Pro Tip: Soori’s Reading Room is one of the newer dining experiences; it’s the perfect place to grab a fresh smoothie or organic juice after your spa treatment. 

Take a Private Sunset Temple Tour (With Dinner)

One of the most iconic landmarks in all of Bali is the Tanah Lot Temple, an ancient Hindu shrine that is perched among breaking waves. It’s an image that you’re likely to see on postcards, but by taking a private temple tour,  you are able to take your own photos!

EXO Travel is the only operator currently offering the private temple tour. It begins with a sunset viewing of the temple itself, which is lavishly decorated in the fanciful décor of the Majapahit Empire. 

From the temple, you can take a leisurely stroll along Canggu Beach, followed by dinner at the Hotel Tugu Bali. Here you can enjoy a traditional Tugudom dinner, the same rich cuisine served to royalty over 500 years ago. 

Pro Tip: Bring a pair of sturdy, comfortable flip-flops or sandals for the walk along Canggu Beach.

Dine in a Private Cave 

Imagine sitting down to an exotic meal served against the stunning backdrop of white sands and jagged cliffs,  tucked away inside a cave that is softly lit by candles and lanterns, listening to the gentle breaking of waves.  The Cave Dinner Experience offered by Samabe Bali Suites & Villas, is an experience worth the splurge. Truly, this is one of the most romantic experiences on the list, so we highly recommend it for lovers and newlyweds. 

The Cave Dinner can also accommodate up to 30 people, making for a truly unforgettable group experience. 

Pro Tip: You don’t have to have a room at the Bali Suites & Villas in order to sign up for the private cave dinner. 

Take to the Skies of Bali in a Luxury Helicopter

The helicopters owned and operated by Mason Sky Tours aren’t just functional, they’re amazing. The helicopter interior features air conditioning, leather seats, a passenger-controlled sound system, and state-of-the-art TV screens. Up to 5 passengers can fly safely at once. 

Your pilot will swoop and hover over lush jungles, pristine beaches, and clear, blue-green water.  This is a thrilling perspective from which to see Bali’s impressive geography.

Pro Tip: Both 30-minute and 60-minute ride options are available. Reservations are required. If possible, you should make your reservations a few weeks out at minimum. 

Get an Ancient Treatment The Spa at Maya (Ubud) 

The moment the Spa at Maya comes into view, you know that you’ve found something truly special. This holistic spa experience takes visitors on a sensory journey, even with the simplest treatments. The spa is located at river-level, giving the facility a lush, tranquil atmosphere dappled in warm sunlight. 

One of the best treatments at the Spa at Maya (Ubud)is the Foot Reflexology session. This ancient treatment might be considered their specialty. It takes place on a private deck overlooking the waters of the Petanu. 

Most traditional herbal treatments are also available, as are a number of fitness and yoga classes that can be booked for either private or public sessions. 

Pro Tip: The daybeds at the Spa at Maya are perfect for a post-massage relaxing session, so plan a little more time than you need. 

Enjoy World-Class Fine Dining at Mozaic

The French-inspired fine dining at Mozaic is lauded in culinary circles all over the world for its unequaled cuisine and its commitment to an overall top-quality experience. 

The Michelin Star Dinner is an interesting concept:  your meal is prepared by  3 world-class chefs with a combined 8 Michelin Stars. This 7-course meal has a rotating specialty and is not always available.  Mozaic, however, often offers exquisite, interesting dinners like this that are always worth the already moderate prices. 

Mozaic is a winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence (2018). You will probably want to avail yourself of their recommended pairings!

Pro Tip: Mozaic offers private cooking classes for up to 12 guests! A 24-hour notice is required. 

Experience Paradise at the Grand Hyatt Bali

The Grand Hyatt Bali, with its pristine turquoise waters and exquisite white sands, is one of Bali’s most luxurious destinations.  The wedding experts at the Grand Hyatt are unsurpassed, so it is no surprise that the Grand Hyatt Bali is widely acclaimed as a wedding destination resort.

But you don’t have to be getting married to enjoy a vacation here.  Whether it is an evening of tequila and live music on the rooftop salsa bar or a dip in one of the five beautiful swimming pools, every guest is sure to find paradise. 

Pro Tip: The Grand Club costs a bit extra, but it comes with a butler service, larger rooms, and access to a private swimming pool. 

Escape to True Privacy at The Viceroy Bali 

The Viceroy Bali is one of the most secluded and private escape experiences on our list. It is designed to give guests a very high degree of privacy.

The Viceroy resort is comprised of 24 private villas, each one with breathtaking views of the surrounding tropical landscape. Each villa has its own espresso machine, mini bar, and state-of-the-art electronics. A restaurant and bar serve guests in the traditional manner, but room service is certainly available.

The Viceroy Bali offers a massive fitness center, a day spa, and a valley-top infinity pool. 

Pro Tip: The town of Ubud is only minutes away from The Viceroy. Plan a trip into town to enjoy Ubud’s artistic atmosphere; it is known to be a center for dance and traditional crafts.

Stay in The World’s First Seven Stars Boutique Hotel 

If the Hanging Gardens of Bali sounds like some magical place nestled deep inside a mystical jungle, then you’d be absolutely correct. This incredible hotel and resort is tucked away within the lush jungle and is obscured by rice terraces — all part of the charm.

The Hanging Garden’s swimming pool is situated at the center of the resort. Named ‘The World’s Best Swimming Pool’ by Conde Nast Traveler, this marvel of engineering and aesthetics must be seen to be believed. Then again, perhaps you have already seen it — it is one of the most photographed swimming pools in the world!

Pro Tip: Do yourself a favor and sign up for a Gourmet Picnic on the banks of the Ayung River

Eat Fresh Seafood at the Full-service Belmond Jimbaran Puri

Delicious, authentic food is often a top priority for a traveler. That’s why the Belmond Jimbaran Puri resort made it onto our list of the 10 best luxury escapes in Bali. 

The Belmont Jimbaran Puri has two different beach-view restaurants, both of which serve some of the best food on the island. One of them specializes in just-caught fresh seafood, and the other focuses on more traditional Indonesian dishes. 

If food is a top priority, so must be accommodations. At the Belmont, each of the resort’s 64 rooms are decorated in the traditional Balinese style: marble floors,  teakwood furniture, and private pools. 

Pro Tip: Belmond Jimbaran Puri offers free mountain bike rentals for its guests … this is a great place to get out into the jungle for some exercise. 

Ride World-Class Waves at COMO Uma Canggu

Just outside your well-appointed ocean view you will notice some of the best breaking waves imaginable!  Perfect for a surfer.  But that is not all COMO Uma Canggu has to offer.  COMO Uma Canggu is one of Bali’s most culturally rich resorts. The design, atmosphere, and tone of the resort were proudly cultivated to celebrate the Balinese culture of Canggu, the Hindu village that shares its name. 

The main restaurant of the resort focuses on healthy foods consistent with local tradition. Grilling is a very dominant method for cooking the wonderful seafood and local vegetables served here.

Pro Tip: The village of Canggu is worth exploring. You can rent a scooter for about 50,000IDR per day.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Bali Experience for You

Whether you are planning an unforgettable wedding, an unbeatable honeymoon, or simply an relaxing stay at the beach, this small island paradise has what you need when it comes to luxury escapes, Bali.  While all of the resorts on our list may sound expensive, Bali is very moderate — a wonderful value.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is remembering to pack a good pair of beach sandals.  

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